When I did my first crossfit class ... I was shocked.  

Shocked at how 'un-fit' I was compared to the other women ... older than me ... who were CRUSHING it right in front of my very eyes.

Not only were they able to keep going when my lungs and legs and brain were completely dysfunctional ... but the things they were able to do gave me a huge wake up call.

After the class, I spoke with one of the women there ... and obstetrician ... and what floored me was that she'd only been training at Crossfit for about 6 months ... whereas I'd been training with a PT for much longer.

This story illustrates a point that there is 'training' and there is 'training'.  Two people can invest the same amount of time ... and get dramatically different results.

I'm not saying that I hadn't increased my fitness with my PT ... because I had.

In fact, I'd worked really hard. It's just that the type of training I was doing just wasn't as effective or efficient as the Crossfit training.

After just a few months of Crossfit, my own level of fitness had dramatically improved ... and so had my skill level and confidence.  I fell in love with throwing heavy weights around the gym.

The other thing I loved about Crossfit was the absence of any mirrors ... it's 'not' about what you look like and so 'much' about what you can do.

What I've also discovered is that Crossfit isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's very intense, and it's much more like a sport, than a fitness regimen.

For me, Crossfit removed my fears about lifting heavy weights ... it removed the stereotype I had that barbells were for the 'guys' and that little dumbells were for the girls.

"CrossFit removed the stereotype that barbells were for guys and little dumb bells were for girls"

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Crossfit launched my journey into natural body building ... because once I became confident with squats and deadlifts and push-jerks and thrusters ... I guess I decided I could take on the world :-)

Since then I've met the most glamorous, incredible, strong and beautiful women in natural body building and my fitness has taken on a new dimension.

But you don't need to go on that journey to go from Fit to Fitter ... you can by-pass all of that and just move straight into strength (resistance) training and high intensity workouts.

Every time I go to the gym I see women who could get so much more out of their training, if they would only embrace strength training.

I see them performing all these complicated accessory exercises with dumbells and resistance bands ... but they wont go near a squat machine or barbell.

And yet when I talk with them ... they want the same things I wanted ... to be strong and powerful ... and to have great looking muscles that are lean, taught and feminine.

In short, they want to be lean and strong but they're not investing their time in the most effective way.

Perhaps their trainers just don't have the courage to push them ... or maybe they're just really resistant to the idea of heavy weights?

"Women want to be lean and strong ... but they're not investing their time in the most effective way."

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So then I ask them about their diet ... and I find that from a 'dietician' perspective, most of them are eating 'clean' ... but they're not eating in a way that will make the changes they are looking for.  

Their diet will keep them 'generally healthy' ... but it wont get them 'fit' and reduce body fat.

These 'clean, healthy diets' are actually stopping them from getting the results they really want, when instead they could follow a safe and evidence-based approach to eating that triggers the hormonal changes that would cause them to increase their lean muscle and reduce their total body fat percentage.

This was the same at Crossfit.

I knew so many really fit women who were still struggling with too much body fat, which shows that exercise alone doesn't produce the physique that you might want.

Diet is a massive part of how you'll show up in your body ... and in fact can be the absolute KEY for women who already have a level of fitness, but haven't achieved the lean muscle and body fat percentages that they're after.

When it comes to food ... it's not just what you eat, it's how much you eat, paying attention to the exact amount of macronutrients you need each day, that is carbohydrates, fats and protein.  

"Imagine if you could achieve your body fat goals just by eating the foods you love  "

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If you're already fit ... if you're already eating 'clean' ... then getting further results can just be a matter of optimizing what you're already doing.  You've got such a great platform to launch from, so why stop now?

If you'd like to explore how you could go from 'fit' to 'fitter', then invest in yourself and try the Elegant Eating Solution.  

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