Rhoda Lucas, BSc, MND, APD
Dietitian, Model, Athlete, Author

I can't wait to help you learn how to avoid weight regain, feel great about yourself without restrictive eating!

"Most popular diets don't work in the long term, and just lead to weight regain.  Instead of that, you can get the most convenient, flexible and evidence-based eating plan available for women ... and enjoy life-long results." 

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Hey, it's Rhoda here ... and I get it. There are lots of options for us to lose fat, get in shape, and age well.  I know, because as a dietitian and award winning fitness model, I tried them all!

I started with the typical balanced diet ... and got nowhere.

So ...

I tried very low calorie ...

I tried low fat ... and low carb ...

I tried intermittent fasting ...

I tried keto ...

And ...

I've tried cardio ... crossfit ... personal trainers ... the works!

And nothing has come close to the simplicity and effectiveness of the Macronutrient Ratio and Protein Leverage approach I use in my Elegant Eating Solution.

The full program is $299, but you can get started today for just $29 with our Starter Kit.  Here's what you're getting:

  • A digital copy of my book, Living Is Beautiful
  • The Elegant Eating Starter Guide
  • A sample-day meal plan

Plus, I'm giving you a bonus webinar ...  an exclusive online class where:

  • You'll discover why 'calorie' dieting doesn't work and how you can avoid weight-regain and get long term lasting results
  • Find out if you have to go keto or low carb
  • Find out if you need to fast or skip meals, and
  • I'll reveal why the Elegant Eating Solution is the best approach for women to get the body they want ... gorgeous, healthy, and free.

Please join me ... you've got this!

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