Like many women, as I was approaching my late 40s, I had the rest of my life on my mind.

I have two teenage children and I found that as they grew older, they needed me more, not les. 

I've also been very protective of my own health and fitness and have had strict boundaries in place about how I invest my time.

Last year, I began to feel a growing sense of 'purpose' ... similar to the sense of purpose I had when I first started my career as a dietitian ... I was on a mission to 'save the world' back then.

And I have that same deep sense of purpose now ... of being involved in something bigger ... except that I now have over 20 years experience to guide that purpose.

And this is why it was time to launch ... to fulfil that purpose.

So, what is

The purpose of is to use my expertise and life experience to lead and guide women to be at ease with their health, fitness and beauty.

Every girl and woman has her own beauty that glows from the inside out ... and I'm here to help her recognise that beauty and stay that way as she ages ... because that's how I'm living.

As I faced my own adversity and challenges, my goal became to simply 'stay beautiful' ... and by that I mean beautiful in the full sense of the term ...

  • in my attitude and approach to my life and the way I treat others
  • in the way I treat and look after my body with food, exercise and rest, 
  • in the way I dress and groom myself, and
  • in the way I treat and look after my mind.

And rather than being complicated, I needed it to be simple, straightforward, and achievable.

I've read so many books and programs that are too complicated or difficult to stick with ... whereas I want things that are simple and easy to stick with ... because then I can do them.

And that's what I've spent the last 10 years doing. Simplifying.

And a beautiful way to describe simple solutions is that they are elegant.

Elegant solutions are what I've built my life on and it's what I show my clients.

It's why I call my unique approach the Elegant Eating Solution.

It's perfect that Elegant also means stylish ... because I do love my fashion, my hair and simple makeup.

At I've brought together a team of experts to help women stay beautiful ... and to be able to do so elegantly ... simply ... and in style.

You can learn more about the Elegant Eating Solution and how we help women here.

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About Rhoda ...

Rhoda is an award-winning dietitian, mature age model, and CEO of Sayvana Women.  

She is the creator of the Elegant Eating Solution, an affordable program that helps women avoid weight regain and feel great about themselves, without restrictive eating.

Elegant Eating is based on the science of protein leverage and follows the unique R.E.M.A.P approach to successful aging.

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