You can't explain the economy unless you have an understanding of the dollars and cents that get exchanged right down at the individual level ... the exchange between two people.

And talking about 'fat loss' is almost as useless if you don't understand how fat actually gets lost. You can't actually 'shift' the fat that you see with your eyes ... it all happens at a chemical level ... and so in order to understand the economy of fat loss, you have to get your minds into the currency of your body ... and that's 'energy'.

The Body's Energy System

There are a few little packages of energy that our body uses and one of the most common is called ATP.

Almost all of the chemical reactions that happen in your body use ATP as an energy source ... which is why you need so much of it.

  • Going clothes shopping ... you need ATP
  • Deciding between the black or gold dress ... your brain needs ATP
  • Having an orgasm ... A! T! P!

So, where do you get ATP?

Just like money is made at the mint ... ATP is made through a process called the Citric Acid Cycle. And when you put sugar or fat or protein into the citric acid cycle ... out comes ATP.

  • Sugar (carbs) can make ATP
  • Fat can make ATP
  • Protein can make ATP
  • All through the Citric Acid Cycle

It just so happens that fat can make more ATP than sugar or protein, and so that's why fat has more energy (measured in calories) than sugar and protein.

And since ATP is just like money ... then being able to store as much ATP as possible makes sense.

Think of fat like a term deposit. You put it away for a rainy day ... and you make it hard to withdraw so that you don't squander it away.

Our body's energy system is tightly controlled, but is also in a state of flux. Our demand for ATP is always present and changed depending on what you eat, when you eat it, how much you exercise, what type of exercise and when you exercise ... all these things determine whether or not you will either 'store or withdraw' ATP from your fat deposits.

Back to our analogy of the economy, you've probably noticed that the economy can be significantly affected by the interest rate set by your nations reserve bank.  

Well, exactly the same thing happens inside your body ... and the 'interest rate' of your body is set by your hormones.

The role of hormones on energy and fat loss

Whether you store or withdraw fat for energy is almost entirely controlled by your hormones.

Take note of this following example, because it is so important for you to understand.

If you keep your exercise the same ... but you gradually start to reduce the amount of food you eat ... you will gradually reduce the amount of energy you bring into your body.

Your body ... being highly effective at keeping you alive ... is able to start withdrawing energy from your fat stores to make up for the short fall, but it doesn't like doing this ... because if things keep going in this direction you could end up dead (broke).

So, your hormones start making everything more efficient.  And this means that the exercise you are doing ... you can do with less energy.

And that decision between the black or gold dress ... and yes even the orgasm ... now all require less energy.

So ... because of your hormones ... you now need less energy to do exactly the same things you were doing before.

The same thing happens when you miss meals or leave it 5 hours between meals. Your metabolism slows down and you start burning calories at a slower rate.

You see the body again starts to prepare itself for starvation and begins to conserve energy and store food as fat instead of using it for fuel.

And all this means your body doesn't have to keep drawing down on your long term fat deposits for energy ... and you reach a status quo.

You're eating less ... but now you're no longer losing weight (from fat).

Hmmm ... but you're hungry and you really don't like being on this calorie restricted diet ... and so you start eating again ... not binge eating, just eating what you used to eat before your diet.

And guess what happens ...

Your body has already adjusted and doesn't need all that extra energy from your diet ... and so because your body is a good steward of the energy you put in, it decides to store that energy in a long-term deposit ... a fat deposit.

So, you go off your diet and what happens?

You regain weight ... in fact you might even get heavier than you were before you started your diet!

This is yo-yo dieting ... weight that goes down, then up, then down, and then up ... and mostly ... up.

This is how people diet themselves into obesity.  And it's all driven by hormones.

This is why programs that promise to 'drop a dress size' in a week can work ... but they never advertise the fact that you'll gain two dress sizes back in the following few months.

Any so called 'weight-loss' program has to take into account the economy of your body ... your ATP needs ... your hormones ... and your long term fat deposits.

That's why the Elegant Eating Solution isn't a weight loss program ... been there, done that, and completely over it.

In fact, I disowned the term 'weight loss', because for many women the journey to fitness actually requires them gain weight in the form of lean muscle ... and by doing this they actually lose fat.

This is why we're not focussed on weight loss.  

We're focussed on achieving optimal body fat deposits and optimal lean muscle mass.

We're focussed on having a highly efficient and stable 'body economy' that gives us a fat burning furnace ... so that we only store the fat we need.

The Elegant Eating Solution sets you up to:

  • optimize your hormones ...
  • gain lean muscle ...
  • burn unneeded fat stores ...
  • develop incredible willpower and self-control ...
  • develop a love of yourself and your body ...
  • live with strength, power and an internal certainty that causes you to thrive in life.

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