Attend this $49 Masterclass for Free

How You Can Reach Your Ideal Body Weight, Feel Great About Yourself, and Avoid Weight Regain ... Without Restrictive Eating

 Attend this $49 Masterclass for Free

How You Can Reach Your Ideal Body Weight, Feel Great About Yourself, and Avoid Weight Regain ...  Without Restrictive Eating

In This Masterclass


The evidence-based way women can lose weight safely ... and keep it off

Did you know that in addition to nutrition and exercise, that hormonal changes, gut health, stress and sleep can all affect our weight? And yet because we know how to apply the most advanced thinking in female metabolism we've designed an easy, enjoyable and effective approach to long term fat loss.


The new science of protein leverage, and why this is important for long term health and aging

In 2003, scientists published the first paper on 'Protein Leverage', which is thought to be a leading cause of the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic.  We use 'Protein Leverage' in reverse to achieve fat loss and avoid weight regain ... without giving up food groups or going on highly restrictive diets.


3 reasons we regain weight after a diet, and how to stop this from happening

We've all been on a diet to lose weight ... and that's the problem. The typical approaches to dieting set you up for long-term failure.  You can't stick to the diet, or as soon as you come off the diet, you pile the weight back on.  In this masterclass, you'll learn the 3 most common reasons we regain weight after a diet and how the Elegant Eating Solution solves this.


Why you don't need to go hungry during a 'fat loss' phase ... and might even need to eat more

I almost always find that my clients just aren't getting enough of the right nutrition ... and often need to eat more, not less! The most common nutrition advice for women is based on old outdated ideas for people who are starving! But we're busy, active women and want to thrive, so it's completely different!

What My Clients

Your guidance, coaching and education made this body transformation enjoyable and realistic!

Amy Davis ‧ Account Manager

This was the missing piece of the puzzle that. I tried to find from so many different places. Thank you!

Dr Brook Copland ‧ Osteopath and Mom of 2


  • The #1 reason you're struggling to lose weight and keep it off is that you've tried restrictive dieting and can't make it last. (You'll come away from this training with a new understanding and you'll have a game plan and total clarity)
  • You've tried counting macros, fasting, lo-carb, keto, or given up your favourite foods. (You'll learn why you don't have to give up the foods you love and why these dieting approaches haven't worked for you)
  • You want to know the best type of exercise for women to lose body fat, and also transform their shape. (HINT: I didn't do this for most of my life but it made all the difference)
  • You struggle with motivation and willpower. (You'll learn why it's so much easier to get in shape with automatic habits, without having to force yourself to better health)
  • You just want to feel WELL again, without all the stress and worry! (Fear and frustration can often disappear when we finally understand why things are happening to us and how we can make simple changes)

A Note from Rhoda ...

See Below ...

A Note from Rhoda ...

(See Below)

"I believe that aging is living, and that living is beautiful.

To live is to age ... and to age is to live.  No matter what we do, we can't turn back the clock ... we can't 'anti-age'.

At the same time, I love the serenity prayer, which says:

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

If you're ready to spend 30 minutes with me, I will share with you about the things you CAN change ... and how this will make all the difference to your life moving forward.

My goal for you? 

After this masterclass you will never feel lost or confused about your diet and nutrition again.

You will finally understand why most diets you've tried don't work in the long term ... and how you can escape this merry-go-round to finally achieve the long-term results you're after."

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