Medical, Nutrition and Exercise Disclaimer

This site and all associated content, products and services has been written and developed in reference to scientific research and personal experience.

It is not intended to be a full and thorough resource on nutritional medicine, dieting, strength training, weight lifting, body building, weight loss, or health care.

The recommendations are educational in nature and are not intended to replace personalised, one on one consultation with a qualified medical or fitness professional.

Some of the advice, exercises, workout routines may be harmful or hazardous depending upon your medical history and suitability.

For this purpose, we have provided access to the Physical Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) for you to determine if you require medical advice prior to starting any of our programs or following any of our educational material. 

Your continued use of this site ( and any of the associated content, products or services and any and all resources on this site indicate that you have accepted our Terms of Service and that you are ready and able to safely participate in our programs.

You are advised to consult with your doctor or other qualified health professional before beginning any new exercise or fitness program.

The author and publisher of the site disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects resulting directly or indirectly from information contained on the site or in any of the educational content, products or services.

Commonsense Disclaimer

This site provides free content and an online program.

That means we can’t know your current state of health in the way we would if you were consulting us 1-1 in a traditional healthcare environment.

We’ve advised you to consult with your doctor before starting any health or fitness program.

We’ve provided you with access to a free physical exercise readiness questionnaire to help you understand if you’re able to begin.

We stress that with each exercise, that you prioritise form over exertion, so that you can keep safe and avoid unnecessary injury.

We boldly claim that you will sweat, get out of breath, and if you push really hard, you might even feel dizzy.

This is all on you. If you’re unsure, then as we’ve said … go check with your doctor.

But we will say this … just a few days after cardiac bypass surgery, patients get up in the ward to start EXERCISING.

And then, just a few weeks after they begin doing exercise at rehab.

Yes, you might get aches and pains. You might be sore and stiff. You will get out of breath.

If you can’t handle that then you can’t participate in our exercise program.

But for us, we’d rather be in a bit of discomfort and out of breath than to get diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other degenerative disease.

It’s your call ... but if you hang around and decide to get serious with us, then you must also take responsibility for yourself.

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