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The Elegant Eating Solution

The simple, evidence-based approach that reliably helps women get in their best shape for life and solves the problem of weight re-gain associated with 'dieting'.

The Elegant Eating Solution is like no diet you've ever tried before, because it's not a diet.  It's a solution for life, and it changes everything. Diets don't work. The Elegant Eating Solution does.

Buy Now for $299 or get started with a very special deal for new subscribers.

The Elegant Eating Meal Plans

Based on her groundbreaking Elegant Eating Solution and designed in conjunction with a whole-food Chef and scientific nutrition lab, these meal plans are your solution to body weight transformation.  

The world doesn't need more recipes! From our experience, what you need is a dedicated plan. A plan you can easily follow. A simple plan that gets done.

Every day has been planned down the exact ratio of protein, fat and carbs, so that the end of the day you know exactly how you're tracking — without having to track!

Available in Standard (Meat Eater), Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free versions.

Thousands of dollars to develop, these plans easy and effective and yours for just $199.

The Elegant Eating Solution: 12-Week Program

Based on the Elegant Eating Solution, you can get this 12 week group coaching program surrounded by a community of women sharing your journey. With full support from a team of experts, resources and guidance, this 12 weeks will set you up for life.

If we could sell personal transformation as a perfume, we would. Instead, we've got Rhoda's landmark Elegant Eating Program.

Get our support while you discover how easy it is to apply the Elegant Eating Solution and get results you were almost sure you couldn't get — until now.

The 12 Week Program is $990.

** Sold Out - Opening Again Soon **

The Strong Woman Project 12-Week Workout Program

This 12-Week program has been designed for HOME or GYM and perfectly matches the 12-Week Elegant Eating Program.

If you want to stoke your inner fire and transform your body fast, then this training program is the answer. Rhoda didn't start lifting weights until she was in her 40s. Before that it was all cardio and light-weight machines. Now, she lifts like a Boss and owns that lifting platform!

She's on a mission to empower women to shine in the weights room!

Why? Strength training for women has soooo many benefits. You look better. Feel better. You're stronger and it's amazing for your hormone balance, bones, sleep and the benefits don't stop coming.

The 12 Week Program is $990** Sold Out - Opening Again Soon **

1-on-1 Consulting with Rhoda

Rhoda provides 1-1 consulting and coaching for women who would prefer to invest in personalised attention, guidance and support over a minimum 3 month period.

The fee is $3,000 and then $1,000 per month for ongoing support. We are accepting new clients on a referral basis only.

** Update ** This program is currently closed and as new places open, we can let you know.

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