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1. Losing weight is NOT the same as losing fat.

You can lose weight by losing water, or losing lean muscle. In both cases the scales will show that you’ve ‘lost weight’ but you haven’t lost any fat.

Fat loss and weight loss are not exactly the same thing.

The most important goal is to have a health body composition.

That means a healthy body fat percentage, great lean muscle and healthy, strong bones.

For some women to achieve this, they need to lose weight, for others they will need to gain weight.

Why would they ‘gain’ weight?

Well, if they lost 4 kg in fat, and gained 5 kg in muscle, they’d weight 1 kg more, and they’d look fantastic!

2. If you eat more, you will NOT always gain weight.

First, we need to know what you’re eating more of!

You could eat more of a certain type of food and feel very full at the end of the day, and yet have consumed less overall energy.

Or, you could consume less food that is highly energy dense, feel hungry all day, and yet have consumed a massive amount of energy.

So, it’s not how much you eat, but what you eat that matters most.

The Elegant Eating Solution helps you feel satisfied all day, and yet you’ll only be eating the energy (calories) you need to get strong and lean.

3. Long (steady state) cardio sessions are NOT the best way to burn calories.

Long cardio session do burn calories, but it’s not the best way.

The best way to burn ‘calories’ is through high intensity interval training in 10-15 minutes bursts, and resistance training (lifting heavy weights) in a 30-45 minute session.

If you love a long cardio session for the mental benefits, then go for it, just know that it’s not the most efficient way to burn burn fat.

4. Make sure you avoid insulin resistance

A lot of fear has been generated about insulin, mostly because it’s called a ‘fat storage’ hormone.

And while insulin does tend to promote fat storage, its primary effect is to help the liver deal with the sugar you eat.

When you eat carbs, you will also get insulin spikes. This is normal, it’s your body's smart way of dealing with a big influx of sugar in your blood.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with having insulin in your blood, so you don’t need to always ‘keep it low’.

The problem is when your blood is always full of sugar and insulin is in constant release, because this can eventually lead to insulin resistance.

If you follow the Elegant Eating Solution, then you won’t have a diet that causes continuous spikes in blood sugar and your insulin will take care of itself.

You don’t need to be one of those people stressing about ‘insulin’, instead you’ll be one of the people who just enjoys eating and feeling fantastic.

5. To get lean muscles, women DO NOT need to work much harder than men

It’s often thought that because men have testosterone they have greater muscular potential than women.

Women don’t have testosterone, but they do have oestrogen, and oestrogen helps them build feminine muscle.

Women will only end up looking like a muscle-man if they take testosterone, something I absolutely do NOT recommend.

Through resistance training, a woman can develop strong, powerful and elegant muscles, and move away from weak, de-conditioned muscles that don’t support them or enable them to live a full, functional life.

Your potential is far greater than you give yourself credit for.  It’s far greater than what society gives you credit for.

Stick it to society. Stamp all over your self-limiting beliefs.

You can achieve more than what you think. I’m living proof.

6. If women lift heavy weights, they will NOT create too much testosterone

Forget about all that man-woman comparison. Follow a program like the Elegant Eating Solution and you will optimize your female hormones, feel amazing, protect your future health, and look beautiful, elegant and strong.

7. It is possible to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

A lot of people lose muscle mass while they’re ‘dieting’ because they don’t eat enough protein each day and at each meal.

So, when they lose fat, they also lose muscle at the same time.

By eating enough protein each day and at each meal you can burn fat and maintain, or even build lean muscle.

For body building competitors who are looking to reduce body fat to competition levels (which aren’t everyday levels), then it is harder for them to maintain their lean muscle at the same time as ’shredding’ down to under 10% body fat.

But for a woman to simply Stay Beautiful, you’ll find that burning fat and gaining lean muscle can happen at the same time.

8. You DO NOT have to be on a low-carb diet to lose fat or keep off the fat.

If you’ve been on a relatively high carb, high energy diet, then going low carb initially can stimulate some great early fat loss.

But, in the end, to get in your best shape for life, you will need:

  • ​Enough protein to maintain or grow your lean muscles
  • ​Enough fat to keep you healthy — But this will leave you with an energy deficit, and you’ll be hungry, and you won’t be able to perform well in your workouts (or in life).
  • ​Enough carbs to make up your total energy requirements​ — And since carbs come in many forms, this is where you get to really mix it up and create the diet you love.

    If you don’t like pasta, then don’t have it. If you love bread, then have it. If you love rice then have it, or if you don’t like rice, then don’t have it.

    The Elegant Eating Solution has a large range of options to suit you.

9. The 'Keto' diet has not been proven to help you burn more fat.

The 'Keto' diet has been around for a long time, but has recently become another one of those internet 'crazes'.  

The fact is that being on a Keto diet doesn't help you lose weight or more fat compared to other diets.

The other thing is that to really go 'Keto', you need to be consistently having less than 50 gms of carbs per day ... and that's basically cutting out all carbs.

A lot of women find this too restrictive and they don't stick to it and give up.

There are other benefits with going keto, but for most people, it's not ideal and is tool hard to stick to.

If you're just doing it for fat loss, then just follow the Elegant Eating Solution instead ... it's much easier,  more enjoyable and will last you a lifetime.

10. Intermittent fasting or 'fasted cardio' has not been shown to help you lose weight or burn fat more efficiently.

This is another common myth, especially in the bodybuilding world.

But ... the research shows it doesn't achieve anything.

If you lose weight by intermittent fasting, then it's because you just eat less energy (calories) during the window of time that you are permitted to eat.

But someone following the Elegant Eating Solution ... whether they use intermittent fasting or not ... will still lose fat.

It's not the fasting that does anything, it's the reduction in energy intake that does it all.

There's nothing magic or special about 'fasted cardio' or 'intermittent fasting' ... so only do these things if you prefer to exercise on an empty stomach or if it suits you to fast.

11. The biggest indicator of long term weight loss success is whether or not you're hungry

​Yes, willpower, exercise and genetics play a role, but studies show that when people are hungry on their ‘weight loss’ diet, they don’t stick to the diet and therefore don’t lose weight.

Hunger is primal. Its force is massive, and that’s why diets focused on calorie restriction have been proven not to work in the long term.

What type of person can spend their life hungry? Certainly not me.

So, again, this is why your diet should be enjoyable, sustainable, and satisfying. You don’t need to go hungry to get strong, lean and powerful.

So, now you've answered these questions, you can go back and check your points ... maybe you've got enough now to win a Free place in the 4 week challenge!

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