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That’s the end of the survey. One more thing that’s purely optional, this isn’t part of the survey. We have lots of raving fans, but since the Strong Woman Project is brand new, we don’t have any testimonial letters!

Perhaps you could help us out with a testimonial for the tips I share over in our Facebook group or in our newsletter?  It doesn’t have to be too involved.

Here are a couple of examples.

I've only just started and I'm feeling fantastic, my clothes are fitting better, and I notice a change in my upper body. It was so easy.

Lee-Anne Curry

Your guidance, coaching and education made this body transformation enjoyable and realistic!

Amy Davis

This was the missing piece of the puzzle that. I tried to find from so many different places. Thank you!

 Dr Brooke Copland

Can I tell you how much I love this! This is a carefully crafted empowerment program!

 Dr Kate Caine

Can you give us a testimonial about our content or programs? If you do, it may appear on our web page attributed to your name and city.

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