You’d think that you’d remember the day you gave up on yourself … but I don’t. It just happened over time. I could see into the future and what I saw scared me. I would end up, thin, fragile, bent over and unable to participate in life. That might sound dramatic, but just take a look at most ‘elderly’ women and you know exactly what I mean. The years pass by so quickly that 40 will turn into 50 and 60 and before you know it you’re facing 70.

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Rhoda is an award-winning dietitian, mature age model, and CEO of Sayvana Women.  

She is the creator of the Elegant Eating Solution, an affordable program that helps women avoid weight regain and feel great about themselves, without restrictive eating.

Elegant Eating is based on the science of protein leverage and follows the unique R.E.M.A.P approach to successful aging.

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